Sunday, April 20, 2008

SNAP! Sessions Mark I with 'The Darling De Maes'


So last night was our first SNAP! Sessions with a local band called 'The Darling De Maes.' I still haven't found out what 'De Maes' means ... I should have asked the band ...

It was a pretty great night and the band were really good. Apparently we have amazing acoustics in the SNAP! Salon (I take that as a personal compliment, naturally) and the drummer said he had "never had so much fun playing" (I'm obviously also taking that personally). So they played a few songs, our film crew filmed from two different angles (technology these days). Can't wait until the SNAP! TV is up.

The night is meant to be an 'intimate and interactive' affair which basically means we want the band to interact with the audience. Most attendees were friends of the band so I did ma best to ask varied and interesting questions ... just to get the ball rolling like. Of course I was one of the only people asking really great questions. To spice things up a bit, I whispered to the guy next to me and prompted him to ask some pearls too. Anyway ... we'll see how it all looks on the site and I'll let you know when it's up (cause you want to know).

It has been a pretty chilled Sunday in the Salon. Our new graphic designer Sarah has been over all day working on the mag. We go to print for edition 1 in just a week so it's that run towards the finish line. I did my best to keep spirits high with a tasty melange pasta of spinach, tomato and mushroom. I threw in a few cheeky wee brewskies for good measure and voila!

I'm working on the launch party at the moment. We hope to get some kind of SNAP! 'dog tag' made which we will give out with each copy of the magazine. Gotta get that name out! So we are working with a few local designers and have thrown around some interesting ideas.

Well ... I don't want this post to drag on for too long so happy Sunday evening! A+

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