Sunday, April 13, 2008

Catch up

Today is a little catchup as this blog is sorely neglected ...

All is well in the SNAP! world. We are working hard towards our deadline of releasing print edition 1 May 9th. It's a big push but we're all pretty psyched to get something out there in the flesh (cause a magazine has personality you know ...).

Our first 'SNAP! Sessions' will happen next Saturday night with the Darling Demaes playing. I have a meeting with organizer Alec Elsworth this afternoon to knock out details etc. Should be a fun night and the first of many! We plan to film the music nights and get them up on the site.

We went to an interesting 'Nationality Stereotypes' party last night. It was pretty last minute.

My costume: a tee with an upside-down picture of Australia being held by a koala; an Aussie flag in my pocket (the joys of having a mother who is trying to get me home is frequent Australia-related gifts) and a pink sweat band around my wrist (cause we're into those you know).

Best costume of the night went to a Romanian gypsy, complete with gold hoops and all. Not sure how politically / socially / economically correct the whole thing was but you know ... nice to get out and about with our Montreal peeps!

Apparently Australians drink a lot so I had to get into costume / character ... now in need of some poutine ...

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