Monday, July 21, 2008

Issue 2!

So we just launched issue 2 which was a right old hoot! We had a bit of a celebratory night at Blue Dog and had quite the turnout. For anyone who didn't make it to this party but have been to previous parties, think 3 times the amount of people and you'll be close to half way. There was a throng 4-deep around the bar (free drinks will do that) with each table / chair / nook taken.

It was quite the night and I kicked back (after a very stressful day) with a few brewskies and reveled in the number of people that I didn't know.

Anyway ... we are now busy putting the magazine around town. We are much more prepared and organized this time and we're nearly there. We've already had quite a few emails from wannabe contributors as well as a few die-hard fans in Niger who want to give me money in exchange for a bank account. I'm tempted ... free money? Bring it on!

Anyway ... issue 3 is well under way and we are out hunting more advertising as it's about time that we made some money!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Issue 2!

Take a look at our second edition!