Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Where are the paps?

This morning we balanced empty vodka bottles on empty wine bottles as we hastily put out the recycling, the truck a few metres down the road.

We have had several recycling containers stolen so poked gin bottle in amongst our neighbours organic sprout and mushroom boxes. We really should ask our landies for recycling box number 5 and label it with our street number.

One day we'll be semi-famous, D-grade celebrities most likely, and the paps will be snapping us as we run around scantily clad in the wee hours of the morning, boxer shorts and 'I love Oz' shirts on a sleepy 7.30 St. Laurent.

In real SNAP!-related news, we have had our first entries for the banner contest. Kirsten McCrea actually sent in 8 entries with the sentence "I made eight, I love you guys that much." I'm starting to feel the love and wonder that my mother hasn't entered yet.

Anyway, the banners rock! And once we finish work on the site, we'll be loading them! We'll be sending Kirsten a lovely Drawn & Quarterly book so get involved and join the ranks!

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