Sunday, June 1, 2008

Edition 2

It's raining in Montreal and the city is a bit dreary. We are 2 weeks away from our next print deadline which means increased chair time, phone bills and instant noodles. We lampooned ourselves a cheeky wee scooter and when the pressure gets a little hot to handle, we race around the loft. The cats love it. Obviously.

It's a busy but exciting week ahead as we will wrap up content submissions - words, images and design. We have a few photo shoots planned as well as a bunch of photos to take ourselves. The street guide makes for a lot of footwork and we hope to knock it over by the weeks end. So we'll be prowling about town trying to sweet talk our way into free cafe lattes, sushi platters, and whatever else we can get our dirty paws on.

We have several graphic designers working with us on edition 2 so a big welcome to Xavier Tolentino and Andrea Ferro. Our mainstay Sarah Williams will be keeping an eye on them but we're excited to spread our design wings and experiment a little.

This week also spells a big push towards securing advertising dollars (there are only so many instant noodles that even I can take). So I'm thinking phone calls, press kits, repeated emails, restraining orders and saxophones on Guy Street. Should be a hoot!

We also have a few SNAP! TV plans, one of which we will shoot tomorrow afternoon. It's all a little hush hush at this stage but check back for more info.

So a big good night from this slightly neglected blog! I'll try to tend to it with greater care but no promises promises! Oh SNAP!

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