Monday, March 31, 2008

Snapme online

For some reason I have decided to start a cheeky wee SNAP! blog on the side, despite the fact that we have a fully operational site on which I already blog. But anyway, here goes! Not sure how often we'll add to it but definitely better than a poke with a stick in the eye.

We have just added our first podcast to our site which is pretty exciting! Our good friend Miami Hoodlum is the host and interviewed AV. It's called 'Electro Shock Therapy' (shock shock) and is my current favorite background music whilst working. It rocks so go check it out! (snapme).

We have been working hard lately, for a change (wink wink), and have recently made some really good contacts in this town. The first is Indyish who have a great site - I really love what these guys are doing so go check them out (how's that for cross promotion!). I've also started blogging on their site, just 'cause I have so much spare time you know. Another is Headquarters Galerie and Boutique who specialize in handmade products, art etc. These guys also rock and are on my 'you are cool' list.

Our website traffic continues to increase, something which I regularly check with a little device called 'Google Analytics.' My morning internet routine continues to grow. Rock on t'internet!

So if you haven't already, take a look at our site as we seriously cover some pretty cool Montreal-related arts and lifestyle happenings. If you know of any events etc. which could be of interest, let us know at We really try to keep abreast of what's going on in Montreal so any info is always welcome!

A+ (cause I'm bi-lin-gual after all).

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